Modeling Jesus, Walking SingleMinded in a DoubleMinded World

Every day, life’s problems—concern for our children, day-to-day decisions, illness, and a host of other things—try to control our thought process. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. We have a clear-cut heaven-sent formula for working through the issues, problems, and even opportunities continuously presented to us. We will never get out of making decisions and fighting “giants” while we live on this earth, but our heavenly Father sent His Son to model a life of overcoming for us. 


Now, with the help of Holy Spirit, we can have the victory and find the solutions needed to fulfill our assignments on earth. We can provide the answer for not only our families but also the multitudes around us who are quickly losing hope. We can bring light to the darkness that is so prevalent today.


In Mark 4:13, Jesus says, “If you can’t understand the meaning of this parable, how will you understand all the other parables?” In other words, all the parables in the Bible can be understood once we grasp what Mark 4 (the parable of the sower) is showing us: the difference between being double-minded and walking single-minded to Holy Spirit instructions. 


Only through walking single-mindedly will we be able to help ourselves and then others. Only when we walk a lit path can we make a difference in this world. Our Father provides the light, but it’s up to us to walk it with Him. 


Through this book’s exposition of Mark 4 and commentary, the Bible will become less of a mystery, and a source of life and understanding. You can be victorious in this life.