Is there a place where we can align with Holy Ghost? Where "thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven"? Is it possible to have this realm... earth... bow its knee to the supernatural realm? How do we bring Heaven down here? How do we do the greater works Jesus spoke of in John 14?

I like how Jesus modeled for us in the Gospels. He said that because He went to the Father we could do the greater works. I'm curious what Jesus was saying. Was his example of aligning with Heaven the key that we need to do the same? There has to be something to Jesus abiding and fellowshipping with us and in us. He seems to have aligned in us... maybe we should learn to do the same with him. He states we are seated in Heavenly places. If that's true, and Jesus abides with us here, is there an alignment we don't recognize? Is true rest not so much just "stopping" but maybe just "aligning"?

It seems to me that much of alignment is awareness. Awareness of who He is in us. Who we are in Him. A mind "stayed on Him". A mind that believes "Him" more than "us". Could a major key to this awareness be where.... Corinthians says... "but then I shall know even as I am known"?

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