All Things Are Possible...

"With God, all things are possible." - Matthew 19:26 Is that really true? I wonder why it seems hard to grasp at times? Why do we seem to struggle when confronted with circumstances? Not all the time… but just enough that we have to really dig in and find the faith to stand.

I wonder why we default to our counselor, doctor, advisor, or ourself before we ask our Father what we should do? In order to achieve Heavenly things, which are all the possible things in this earth realm, we must hear instructions from Heaven. That is dying to self. Yielding your will to His. Or… going from being double-minded to His instructions and now choosing to be single-minded. Single-minded in hearing His instructions over ours. Letting Him be the final authority in our life.

It is actually an easier way to live. He is a lamp unto our feet, a light unto our path. He walks with us and keeps us on the path. His way lights up the spiritual side of the problem. Our way is usually trial and error which indicate we have not lit up anything spiritually. Jesus rested after he heard from Father. Rest seems to be the indicator that faith is at work...that the path is lit.

Since Jesus modeled the perfect life...the life that only did as his Father told him... I believe we should do the same.

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