Bounce around...

Have you ever had someone approach you in a very dogmatic fashion? Or... try to persuade you to their point of view? You know the person..."My way is the only way. Just fall in line!" Fun, huh?

I wonder how many times we do that with Holy Ghost? I teach a lot on being single minded. Single minded to His instructions. His instructions can be a spoken word to you or a scripture in the Bible. It seems to me Holy Ghost gives us time to "bounce around" and figure it out. Sometimes we move quickly... other times it may take years to get obedient to what He has instructed us. But.. He gives us time, grace, ... or as I prefer to say, He lets us, "bounce around".

You've seen a ball bounce until it comes to a full stop. It is going through the inertia until it finally stops moving. Could the "moving" be our attempts to do it the way we've always done it? Could the "moving" be because we feel we know better than others? I am not here to speak for the motives of others. I feel how we let Holy Ghost deal with these type of scenarios is very important if we are going to model Jesus. He was moved by compassion. He definitely let Peter "bounce around". Peter modeled the "enter brain and out the mouth without a filter" model to perfection. BUT... Jesus let him bounce around. Remember, Peter preached the day of 3000 being added to the church in Acts. He is also the same Peter whose shadow healed people as he walked down the street.

I like Jesus' way of modeling how to handle others. He did not lay down to aggressive people... but He did pick His battles. He let them "bounce around".

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