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Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Is it possible to see situations, people, and even ourselves with the same perspective as our Father? Or... are we forever doomed to evaluate situations based upon how we feel, how we were treated, and how things turned out...for us or against us? Does the "winning and losing" ever stop? Will the competitiveness of the world ever leave our lives, the church, and our interaction with others? Do we always have to be right? Is our way really the best choice?

Jesus seems to have a confidence that let Him evaluate a person's heart more than their actions. He loved them regardless of how they presented themselves. He seemed to know that usually people will not feel safe enough to really open up. That what they present may be a facade of self protection. He seemed to let people "bounce around" in their motives. He loved them regardless, because He knew the safety of Heavenly love.

I see how He let the "Peter in the Gospels", with all the vigor and testosterone, become the "Peter of Acts". Going from being rebuked and always "swinging" first... to loving and becoming the preacher of the "3000 added to the church in one day". How did Jesus do that? How do we see people like that?

Could it be listening to people's hearts and not their actions is the most important gift we possess? Can we love people because we were loved first? Do our rights really matter so much that we have to defend ourselves? Or is there a place of finally getting a Heavenly mindset on why Jesus died for everyone around us? Maybe His perspective is different.

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