Humility over knowledge...

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Something was said to me by a friend of mine in Houston, and I quote, "90% of people who are born again are led to the Lord by someone who has been saved for less than six months." When I heard that statement, I was moved deeply in my heart and spirit. I sensed it was correct. It seemed right. It rang true.

You remember how it was when we were first saved. We were excited. We were humbled to be "accepted in the Beloved." We wanted to and did tell everyone we could about this "thing" that had happened to us. Nothing could or would stop us.

But, we grew up... and we were supposed to. We gained knowledge... and we were supposed to. But I'm curious, did the process of gaining knowledge replace our enthusiasm for reaching out to others? Did getting busy in our daily lives stop us from being about our Father's business? James says that "knowledge makes us arrogant, but love edifies." 1 Corinthians 8:1 NASB. We never want to be so busy, so about our ministry, and so about our position that we forget the lost and dying we walk past on a daily basis.

We will never win anyone to Christ with our knowledge. People are moved by compassion and care more than knowledge. They are moved by the love we demonstrate to them. They are born again because they know we truly want the very best for them. Our humility, mixed with His love, makes the difference.

People aren't naive. They know when we are sincere. When the humble meets the hungry the Kingdom is advanced. We need to get back to Father's Business. We need to be the light in this world. We still have the opportunity to change this world, one person, at a time.

Go make a difference in someone's life today!

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