Launch out into the deep...

When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon (Peter), Put out into the deep [water], and lower your nets for a haul. Luke 5:4 AMPC

Jesus comes upon fishermen washing their nets. What are they doing? They have finished working for the day. They are maintaining their equipment... washing their nets. They are doing their business as usual. Living their lives as they always have.

Jesus asks them if he can use their boat. They oblige him. He teaches the crowd from their boat. It seems to have inconvenienced the fishermen... right? He is messing with their business. But Jesus isn't finished with them yet.

Look at our verse. He tells the men to "launch into the deep for a haul". A haul? A catch. A big catch. A "net breaking" catch.

Our Father wants us to "launch into the deep". He knows we want to give more. He knows we want to be about our "Father's business". But, I wonder why we always want to see the shoreline? Why is the deep water so scary?

We all want a "haul". A harvest of souls. A revival. A move. An outpouring. But it seems to me that the "haul" is in the deep water. Where we can't see the shore anymore. Where our lives are inconvenienced. Where it is no longer our will but His. Where His opinion overrides ours.

My prayer is that we launch out into the deep. That we get away from the comfortable, the convenient, and truly learn to follow him into "the deep".

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