Never Leave nor Forsake Us...

There are many verses of comfort in the Bible. Many of us grew up with them and can quickly recite them. Here is a classic in the NLT version. "For God has said, I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.”[b] Hebrews 13:5. The King James version uses the word forsake in place of abandon.

We are obviously in an unprecedented time in our world. Fear has touched people's lives. Concern for the future is looming heavily on many. Businesses are failing and jobs are being phased out. Savings and rainy day funds are being accessed. I met a man the other day, had a conversation with him, but he kept his distance for fear of transmission of the virus. This is a new problem. The normal "shaking hands" at the end of our visit didn't happen. It felt weird. People don't have an answer for this fear-infused environment and are walking in a very uncomfortable place for them.

We should have confidence in the God who "will not abandon us". We should encourage and share that same confidence with the people in fear. This is not a time of judging where others are walking. It is a time to encourage and help people out of the fear. It is a time to introduce them to a God who will "not forsake them".

This is the place where we can shine. This is a time where we can love our neighbor. This is the time where we can truly see the value in the people Jesus came to save and rescue. The people he gave his life for. And best of all, since we know He won't forsake us... we can take that same God to our brothers and sisters. We will not miss this opportunity to be Jesus to the world.

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