Updated: May 21, 2020

Today is Black Friday. It is the one year anniversary of my collision with a bull Elk. It's quite an experience to hit one of these beautiful animals at 75 miles per hour. Not my idea of fun. I really wasn't injured from the crash. I had a couple of minor bruises from the airbags deploying. My perspective started to slowly change because of what happened. Change forever. I have a better understanding of God's protection for us...Psalms 91.

*I see how fragile and precious life is.

*I see being thankful, to our Heavenly Father, is not an option.

*I see that we get second chances.

*I see that I will never waste another day reflecting on what *I don't have instead of what I do have.

*I see my divine potential and new possibilities in this life.

*I quit looking for an easy way out and started learning how to pick the direction my Father wanted me to follow. And I will tell you, God always seems to pick the road full of adventure.

*I see that life can be redefined.

*I see that I can take the wisdom I have gained from my life experiences and become an overcomer.

*I see that with Holy Ghost's help..." all things are possible."

This life is full of obstacles, problems, and people not understanding us. But with His help, we can start to design the best life possible. I am walking, living proof that this is an attainable place. That our years can become even more valuable and our service to our Father and mankind even sweeter as we grow older. I challenge you to go find a mountain to climb, a drug addict to help, a child that needs a parent to mentor. It is time to go do what has always burned in your heart. Don't waste a problem or another day. Learn from them all. Go touch the world and make it a better place. That changes our own world in the process.

Note: I started His Outpouring Church with the help of a few very close friends. These friends became family. We started reaching out to our community and started making changes. We started touching the world. Our church model was designed to help those in need. Those hooked on drugs, alcohol, and bringing in revival. To help a world that is drifting. A world with no hope. It has been the most rewarding year of my life. It has not always easy. It has not always fun. But it has been rewarding. I learned that following Him is an honor... not a chore. That to be different meant that others might not understand. But it is ok. I understand.

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