Single Minded...

I think it is safe to say our Father is single minded. Doesn't He tell us in Malachi 4:6  "For I am the Lord, I change not;"? He gives a single instruction to Adam, in the Garden of Eden...and then a serpent comes along with a double minded alternative. A very powerful influence. That "alternative" threw us into a fallen world full of sin, problems, and situations. Father's single minded instructions were cast aside.

I'm curious why we give ourselves an alternative to His instructions? I see, on a daily basis, His people rethinking, recalculating, and reassessing what was delivered to them by Holy Ghost. Hmmm.... I wonder what Mark 4 is truly about?

I want the Father/God of Malachi 4:6. I want the God that "changes not". It seems like we would discover that our way is probably filled with a few "alternative" ideas. Will those ideas bring us into His fulness? I think it is ok to surrender our will to His. I do.

Is the end of us the beginning of Him anyway?

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