The Inside of Us...

Having done all to stand... stand. Ephesians 6:13. This is a good one to preach. It is a good one to teach. It is a good one to quote. I wonder how this one is to live? Live on a day to day basis... Monday through Saturday?

Are we able to let His Words lead our life? Are His Words more real than anything we face? Is real faith measured by the peace we walk in...especially when things look dire in our world? Is there a place of "peace" to replace "dire"?

Jesus modeled a life of following His Father. He focused on what was on the inside of him. The real place of faith. Where God's Words were stored. He was surrounded by a world that followed the circumstances. The outside world. The place of "evidence". The same as we do today.

Since his "evidence" was in the reality of what was on the inside of him... where his Father lived... where he fellowshipped... (you see this)... that place was more real to him. It is where Holy Spirit lived. What was on the inside of him dictated what was going on in his outside world. NOT the outside world dictating ANYTHING to Jesus.

Jesus is our model. He fellowshipped with his Father and kept His Words. We can do the same. His WORDS can dictate our outside world too.

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