With Long Life...

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

”With long life, I will satisfy him,

And show him My salvation.” Psalms 91:16.

I attended my uncle's 90th birthday party over the weekend. It's truly lovely to see a man who is so optimistic about life. He really takes no medicine, moves with the ease of someone 30 years his junior, and you'll never hear him say anything about getting old. In fact, he still flips an occasional house or two, does the remodeling himself, and carries the 15-year mortgage for his home buyers.

There's power in our words. There's power in our expectations. My uncle expects the best and sees the best. Our heavenly Father sees things that way too. He wants the absolute best for us. He wants constant fellowship with us. He wants us to see that we were created to walk with Him. That's how He originally planned it.

We were never meant to go ”at it”, in this life, by ourselves. We were meant to walk with and include Him in our life situations. To not worry about getting old. To not fret over the lunacy going on in our country. To KNOW that He is capable of getting us through this life, our aches and pains, and most of all, our fears.

I said the opening prayer at my uncle's birthday party. I expect to say the next one on his 100th. My prayer is that we learn to enjoy the journey God offers. It sure beats the fear this world forces on us.

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