"Brad definitely has the Holy spirit exuding from inside.  He prayed for me when I was having terrible neck and back pain.  I could barely walk without severe pain.  When he prayed, the Holy Spirit immediately began healing my neck and then slowly (within an hour) healed my back!  All Glory goes to God!!  If you want a true Holy Spirit experience, full of love, true kindness and power, I would highly recommend HIS OUTPOURING!" - Leanne W.

          "For the first time in five months I'm COMPLETELY HEALED!  This is a MIRACLE!  This is the IMPOSSIBLE made POSSIBLE by my JESUS! I feel led to this written testimony so all can rejoice with me! Be radically and wildly blessed today."  - Joy G

          "Do you all realize that every week someone has been born again, filled with the Holy Ghost or healed?  Worship last Saturday was incredible.  What a powerful presence! I love you all very much." - Brad C.

          "Last Saturday when Brad put me on my pockets, God took something from me.  I didn't know I was carrying such negativity inside myself.  I let him have my suffering and addiction, the pain I've been living with, my doubt and my hatred.  I felt peace in places that were filled with chaos before.  I feel 50 lbs lighter now!" 

          "Today, I thank God a thousand times over. The feeling I get from being a dad is worth my very last breath.  It's been 3 years since I've had this feeling.  I owe my life to God for this.  I owe my sobriety.  I owe my positivity.  I owe everything...  I'll never abandon my faith again.  I'll never surrender my sobriety again.  I've found myself in a new light that I've never seen before.  God has changed me from a broken, failed, scared and angry creature to a weapon of hope to guide others through their darkest hours.  If I can help just one other get here it'll be better than a payday for this former addict."  - Billy C.       

          "I'm filled with hope and love... My eyes are wet just thinking about who I used to be.  I thank God for every single thing he has changed in my life.  For once in my life I'm going to be okay and everything is going to work out.  I have no fear, no anger and no guilt.  I've never felt like this before.  Thank you all for witnessing to me.  You all mean more to me than you'll ever know."       

          "I'm still drug and alcohol free!  I also quit smoking and lost 6 pounds... that makes no sense, but its a fact.  I'm no longer a slave of consumption.   I grow stronger every day and I thank God for the generous help becoming the me I'm turning into." 

          "Come to HIS OUTPOURING and experience Holy Spirit Power to change your life." - John O.  

His Outpouring